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Forklift Cylinder Exchange

Why Choose Propane for Your Forklift Operations?

Propane beats electric, gasoline and diesel HANDS DOWN for bottom line business results.  Consider the facts:

ECONOMICAL IN MORE WAYS THAN ONE: From an investment standpoint, propane forklifts offer an economical way to meet material handling needs. Propane forklifts have lower life-cycle costs than electric, diesel or gasoline-powered forklifts. And with propane powered forklifts, your fuel costs are almost half that of gasoline with virtually no possibility of pilferage.

LOWER MAINTENANCE COSTS: Propane produces fewer engine deposits than gasoline and diesel fuel, resulting in lower maintenance costs. Propane engines can typically last up to twice as long as gasoline engines.

SIMPLE, FAST REFUELING: Time is money. Using propane reduces the time forklift operators spend refueling each lift truck – a critical performance factor for multi-shift operations. Replacing propane tanks is as simple as removing the empty tank and inserting a full one, with total refueling time less than ten minutes.

PROPANE WORKS ANYWHERE: Propane forklifts can be used in indoor and outdoor applications. Propane is the most portable fuel - cylinders can be stored and moved virtually anywhere within a work site.

CONSTANT PERFORMANCE: Propane’s constant rate of performance also means that you no longer experience the performance hits caused by lower battery power levels, a common occurrence with electric lift trucks.

WORKS A FULL SHIFT: Typically, propane-powered forklifts carry a 33-pound propane tank, which can provide up to eight hours of use. Additionally, propane infrastructure requirements are minimal, freeing up valuable warehouse space.

SAFE OPERATION: Propane forklift tanks, fuel lines and carburetion components meet or exceed strict specifications. Built-in safety devices automatically shut off the flow of fuel in case of an accident. 

ENVIRONMENTAL CONSIDERATIONS: Propane is a non-toxic, clean-burning fuel that is safely used to power forklifts both indoors and out. And since it is a closed fuel system, there is no spillage loss or evaporation into the atmosphere.  Propane can not only help you go green, it can help you brand green.

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Why Partner with Di Santo Propane?

Whether you own one forklift or fifty, your business is our business.  With over 70 years of industry experience, our expert staff will work closely with you to tailor a propane cylinder exchange program that meets your needs today and can grow with you tomorrow. Our state-of-the-art tracking system ensures on-time deliveries to keep your operation running smoothly and continuously 24-7-365.

  • The Di Santo Propane FORKLIFT CYLINDER EXCHANGE program fulfills the specific needs of each customer along with our professional know-how — guaranteed to save your business time and money

  • Convenient on-line billing and account management

  • Each cylinder is Inspected and certified, every time

  • No more propane dispensed on property; reducing labor and insurance costs

  • Propane Safety Training

  • No more leaking or unworkable cylinders

  • Never worry about running out of propane

  • Reduce down time

  • Di Santo Propane provides Safety Storage Cabinets at no additional cost. Cylinder storage
    cabinets allow for the organized storage of pre-filled ready-to-goto-work propane cylinders while protecting cylinders from damage and theft.

  • No rental or delivery fees

  • No hazmat fee

Say Goodbye to On-Site Bulk Storage Risk and Liability

Insurance premiums for on-site bulk fuel storage for most commercial and industrial users have increased enormously. The clear answer to these skyrocketing insurance costs for industrial forklift operators is a professionally managed, safe, economical propane cylinder exchange system. 

With Di Santo Propane you can reduce your on-site storage risk and liability, save labor and insurance costs, and reclaim space once used for large bulk storage tanks.

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